5 Reasons Why Microsoft SharePoint Partners Should Offer Advanced Capture Solutions

June 21, 2013

Document Capture for MS Partners

  1. Everyone has paper.  I am often asked, “What vertical is your typical target for a scan-to-SharePoint solution?”  My response is, “Anyone who has paper.”  Our business environments are dependent on the low of paper, and our governments even more so.   Although businesses are looking for ways to eliminate paper, it is still pervasive, especially in the SMB segment.  Where there is paper, there is opportunity.
  2. Paper is extremely inefficient.  Paper-based business workflow is painful and extremely inefficient.  Things get lost, misplaced, and labor is required to move paper throughout the office.  Bridging the Gap, and creating a digital document through capture streamlines the process, and enables other digital solutions.  In addition, once the paper file has been scanned, assigned metadata and made searchable, users can now find their target documents in seconds.
  3. SharePoint document capture  solutions are multi-layered.  There are several components to any document capture solution, and as solutions providers, consulting organizations can build a multi-layered solution that drives revenue.  Most implementations require hardware, capture software, workflow and consulting services to build the right foundation.
  4. SharePoint document capture solutions spread like wildfire through organizations.  The paper pain is so pervasive in organizations, once one project is successful, others follow, as managers are looking for ways to do more with less in today’s business environment.
  5. PSIGEN has one application to meet all a customers needs.  Whether it is a small one person law firm, or a large Fortune 500 company like Microsoft, PSI:Capture has the horsepower, deep feature set and powerful integration to create amazing SharePoint document capture solutions for any organization.

Scanning Service Bureaus: 10 New Features in PSI:Capture 4.6 to Make Your Bureau Rock

May 15, 2013

Scanning Service Bureau Software

Scanning Software

Do you have a Swiss Army knife in your bureau?

PSIGEN has always been focused on our scanning service bureau partners, and helping them streamline their business process, reduce labor costs and drive higher profits. The PSI:Capture 4.6 release has over 70 new features, many of which were requested by our bureau partners to make their scanning operations hum. Below are 10 new key features for any scanning service bureau:

  1. Batch Deadline System.  This feature gives you the ability to provide a timed deadline on particular scan jobs.  When a batch hits its deadline, an email notification is sent, and the deadline becomes red in Batch Manager.  Key for those quick turn around batches.
  2. PDF Text to Field.  No more OCR for electronically generated PDFs or PDFs that have already been OCR’d.  This feature will pull in the text layer to a field that can then be parsed using our pattern matching technology for automated indexing.  Higher accuracy and faster job completion.
  3. Enhanced PDF Forms processing and template auto-configuration.   PSI:Capture has had the ability to ingest form fields from within a PDF for a while, but now setup time is a breeze.  We now have a PDF Form configuration template.  Just point PSI:Capture at a sample PDF Form file, and whammo, we suck in and auto-configure all the form fields as index fields with the right data type and length.  Not a bad feature to have on that 300 field pdf form the customer wants processed.
  4. Blank page processing enhancements.  Ah the blank page, the bane of every service bureau.  Is it actually blank?  4.6 adds new processing algorithms that can all be used at once, using a voting process.  Add that to the new blank page recognition preview tester, and you can load, test and view results before you scan 10,000 pages ;)
  5. Data file parsing enhancements.  Strange legacy data file included with every image?  Want to auto-extract information from an XML file?  PSIGEN has enhanced its text data file processing to now include the ability to put the data file into a memo field in the product.  Once in the field, PSI:Capture’s ADE engine can be used for pattern matching and parsing to glean out the data.
  6. SQL Azure Integration.  Ah, the cloud.  PSI:Capture now integrates with Microsoft’s Azure platform on 3 levels:  database document type templates for ease of setup, cloud database lookups and SQL Azure database migration.  This enhancement will help bureaus to better access customer data through a seamless integration.
  7. Flag auto-processing for separation and combining.  So, you have complex OCR pattern match separation and want to offload the process to another machine?  With separation auto-processing, you can now do all your separation in a separate workflow step.  Note: this is just the tip of the iceberg for all types of automated processing you can do in this manner.
  8. Parallel OCR Format Processing.  So, you have that customer that wants searchable PDFs as well as a full text/XML output?  Before you had to run two separate OCR processes to create both formats.  No more.  With parallel OCR processing, you can create two formats with one capture workflow step.  1/2 the time.
  9. Full Batch and Folder rejection capabilities.  So, one of your operators is scanning a folder that is a total mess, but the problem is there are 100 documents and they all need to be kept together.  How do I reject the folder and all the sub-documents without holding up the whole batch.  Exceptions processing in automated mode can now auto-reject the  whole batch or folder.
  10. Speedy job setup.  Faster setup = faster completion = lower labor costs = getting paid sooner.  There are a high number of features focused on getting you into production faster:   auto-zone sizing, zone setup hot keys, auto-detect and configure barcodes, global device profiles, custom auto-correction libraries for OCR and much, much more.

Drive more business.  Reduce labor costs.  Earn higher profits.  PSIGEN.

PSI:Capture 4.6 and Xerox MFP XST File Processing

May 6, 2013

An overview of how the new data file parsing feature in 4.6 can be used in conjunction with any MFP for a great capture solution.

PSIGEN and Opex Mailroom Routing for Legal

February 13, 2013

Will This Little Black Box Change the Mobile Capture Game?

November 7, 2012


Mobile Capture for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8.

Little Black Box

Have you ever encountered a technology that you believe will be a game changer?  The Document Capture industry is all abuzz about mobile capture, but the question is always there:  “Do I really want to snap pictures of all the document pages?”  There has to be an easier way.  Well, there is and next week, one of PSIGEN’s hardware partners will be announcing a revolutionary new technology that will change the mobile capture game.  Ok, that is about all I can say now, but in the coming days we will release more and more pics and details.  Follow us on Twitter @psigensoftware to get the scoop.

PSIGEN has the privilege of being one of the only vendors in the U.S. to be showing this technology next week at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, at the Mandalay Bay.  Come by booth #336 and see it in action.



PSIGEN to Preview PSI:Fusion at AIIM DMSPEF: Web-based Capture

November 3, 2012

Capture through Web Client


The future of Capture is here.  How would you like all the power of PSIGEN PSI:Capture with the a web front end?  PSIGEN will be previewing its new product PSI:Fusion at the AIIM Document Management Service Providers Executive Forum (DMSPEF) in Albuquerque this week.   The web-based queuing and indexing product boasts the following features:

  • Full web services capture engine with support for mobile, web and MFP capture
  • Hosted services infrastructure to allow service bureaus to host multiple organizations
  • Multiple database support, including Microsoft Azure
  • Total integration with PSI:Capture for advanced data extraction and OCR operations.
  • Feature rich interface includes database lookups, predictive typing lists, drag and drop page capabilities, rotation and page/document delete.
  • Power of PSI:Capture’s 58 migrations to capture to any supported ECM repository
  • Much, much more.


Case Study: Why are large independent MFP / Copier dealers choosing PSIGEN?

October 22, 2012
Scan from Copier / MFP

PSIGEN Solutions Drive MFP Profit


“PSI:Capture is less expensive, easier to configure and has given our customers an easy to use capture alternative versus costly and difficult to administer competitive products,” said Lee Rumage. “What we get with PSIGEN as a company is top shelf / A1 support from the President on down technically, and a true partner that understands our business. We just don’t see that in many of the other software companies we have dealt with in the past.”

With all the capture choices in the market place, see why independent dealers are standardizing on PSIGEN MFP Scanning Solutions:

Read the full Case Study here:  MFP / Copier Dealer PSIGEN Document Capture Case Study

For More Information on PSI:Capture:  Scanning, Capture and OCR for Copiers / MFPs

Advanced Document Capture and Copiers

October 17, 2012
Scan with Copier

What powers your copier scanning?

Everyone has a scanning copier today. The MFP industry has focused on document scanning and document management, honing their scanning feature set and quality to make sure their devices can be used for just about any type of scanning task. But by themselves, copiers have some limitations:

Basic capabilities- in simple terms, copiers are just big cameras optimized for documents. They snap an image, and pass it to a folder, email address or FTP site as a TIFF or PDF.

No standardization- there is really no way to standardize how users scan. Give every employee in your office the same document, they will all scan it differently. Some will send it to a folder and forget about it, others will email it to themselves and use Outlook to store it, some will place it on their desktop in a folder called scans. And you can bet, they will all name it differently.

Documents are not searchable- a scan is just a picture, and without software to do the conversion, the image is not searchable.

Time intensive- take 20 documents to the copier, and each scan needs to be done document by document.

Lack of integration into Enterprise Applications- although there have been some attempts through panel integration and basic features, most copiers today have no integration to ECM systems without a 3rd party solution.

So how does PSI:Capture enhance the power of a Multi-Function Device/Printer?

Advanced capabilities – Every PSI:Capture licenseincludes Auto-import for auto-processing documents from network copiers. This feature allows any type of copier to take advantage of the deep, deep feature set that PSI:Capture includes. OCR, ICR, Forms Processing, OMR, Bates Stamping, Redaction, PDF Bookmarks can all be mapped to a one touch on the panel, making your copier a true document processor.

Total standardization – With PSI:Capture, every scan from an MFP can be placed into a repeatable, standardized process. File naming, folder structures and ECM document metadata can all be controlled in the capture workflow, allowing for an organized, maintainable repository.

Ultimate searchability -PSI:Capture take OCR to the next level with powerful full text capabilities, and spot on data extraction. Accurate fast OCR mean better results, higher accuracy and documents that can be found.

Time Saver – With a focus on automation and efficiency, PSI:Capture allows workers to focus on their real jobs, and get their scanning done quickly. Extensive document separation capabilities allows you to scan the “big stack”, and not individual documents.

Total integration into Enterprise Applications – with a set of close to 60 ECM Integrations all built in-house, PSIGEN is the most integrated capture software in the market today. It can turn any copier into an ECM onramp for just about any repository in the market today.

For more info, or to see demonstrations of how PSI:Capture can automate your copier-based scanning processes, go to Scanning Software for Copiers.

Beyond Image Capture: PSIGEN Releases Extended File Format Support for all Digital Files

October 2, 2012

Capture Digital DOcuments

PSIGEN announces the release of the Extended File Format (EFF) module for PSI:Capture, extending its document capture capabilities to all types of digital files.  The module can be utilized to migrate large sets of electronic documents to any of the 58 migrations/ECM systems supported, or can be used to build custom applications for routing specific document types to back end systems through auto-import and processing.  Below are some highlights of the module:

  • Manually import into the PSI:Capture GUI or use auto-import to process digital files from directory structures
  • Extract metadata from file names, folder names, use PSI:Capture default values or DB lookups
  • Import and process any file type
  • Migrate digital documents to any of our supported back end repositories/systems
Digital FIle Capture

Any Type of Digital File

For more information on PSI:Capture:  Advanced Document Capture

To Contact PSIGEN: PSIGEN Sales Team



PSIGEN Adds MICR for Checks to PSI:Capture OCR

October 1, 2012

MICR Check Reading from PSIGEN

PSIGEN, the leading provider of advanced document capture software, announces the addition of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) font reading to its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities in its flagship capture product PSI:Capture.  This feature will allow the recognition and conversion of MICR fonts from checks and banking documents through any MFP or scanner.   The software supports both the E-13B and CMC-7 fonts, and when used in conjunction with its Advanced Data Extraction(ADE), can provide a simple, effective tool for auto-extracting MICR elements.


Extracting MICR from Checks

PSI:Capture MICR Reading

More information on PSI:Capture and core modules below:

PSI:Capture Overview

PSI:Capture Module Information


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